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My Displayed Temerature Seems Incorrect

At times the WTMP icon will not appear and the temperature reading may take a while to update. This is normal and results from the SpaNET controller updating and performing Dynamic Thermal Tuning to your spa and its environment. If this occurs, the filtration pump may need to run for up to 10 minutes before the WTMP readout is refreshed.

All Alpine Spas SpaNET controllers come with a unique heating feature known as Dynamic Thermal Tuning. Some information about this automatic process can be found below:

Every spa is manufactured differently and is installed in varying environments and locations. As a result, each spa has unique thermal and heat retention properties. SpaNET controllers will actively monitor your spa and learn how often, at what times, and by how much your spa loses temperature so that it can adapt and tune the heating cycles to match the thermal performance of your spa pool in its environment, day to day, season to season to eliminate unnecessary on/off cycling of the filtration pump and heater.

This feature results in substantial energy savings whilst maintaining the spa water to your desired set temperature.

Dynamic thermal tuning also reduces the unnecessary wear of filtration pumps and relays by minimising the number of times per day these devices are switched on and off to regulate the water temperature

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