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How Do I Clean My Acrylic Shell?

General Cleaning (as required)

The acrylic surface is non-porous and most marks or dirt should come off quickly and easily. We recommend using a microfibre cloth to wipe the shell. For more resistant marks you can dissolve a small amount of baking soda into the cloth and apply it to the targeted area.

From time to time a ring (sometimes referred to as scum ring or tide line) may appear just above the waters edge. A wipe with a microfibre cloth will take care of this, but good water balance will generally prevent this from occurring in the first place. Check your water care handbook for advice. Colours of grime around the spa shell can very dependent on water quality. Orange marking which is sometimes refferred to as 'rust', is actually just a build up of particles from poor water quality.

Cleaning When Draining (every 3-4 months)

When doing your 3-4 monthly drain and refill, it’s a good chance to fully wipe down the acrylic shell. Use some baking soda or a low-strength all purpose cleaner and wipe everywhere with a microfibre cloth, including around the jets (you may want to pop them out to get in behind them).

Hose down the spa pool interior once finished and drain or bucket out the water at the bottom. You want to avoid refilling with the leftover remains of your cleaning solution as this may foam or cause trouble when trying to balance the water upon refilling.

Cleaning Marks

For super stubborn marks, a little bit of methylated spirits can be used sparingly but don't rub too hard. 

You can get some certain marks out by just using your finger nail to scratch it off.

Scratches on acrylic are usually only visible because of dirt/grease inside them.. applying the above methods should reduce the visibility of smaller scratches. 

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